Int’lTec Group is a globally acclaimed telecommunications and technology giant, with more than 60 subsidiaries, each specializing in state-of-the-art scientific and technological advancements. Each subsidiary is specialized to become a leading semi-governmental provider of cutting-edge telecom, technology and construction services, with landmark achievements that deemed it award-winning and a major player in the global market.

Cyberbase Digital was approached by Int’lTec Group in order to design and develop their corporate web portal, a long with microsites for each of the subsidiaries under the group’s wing. The work was a massive run for Cyberbase Digital, as it included significant design for each of the microsites, making each one distinct, yet suited with the group’s corporate brand and identity. The web portal and all its features were aimed at ensuring the ideal message to corporate investors, enterprise customers and other enthusiasts alike to learn about the group’s activities, deepness of its involvement in ground-breaking projects, as well as its strategic alliance and partnership with various conglomerates in the region.