With the initiative embraced by VISION 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been undergoing mega projects for the purpose of being a leading economic hub for the region. One of its many highlighted projects includes the construction of one of the world’s most advanced and smartest communities the region will even witness; Jeddah Economic City (JEC), home of the world’s tallest mega structure, The Kingdom Tower, planned to stand at a staggering 1.2 miles high rise.

Cyberbase Digital was approached by JEC in order to step up to the massive initiative by matching it with an elegant and eye-catching web presence that showcased the project both as a city and revealing the mega structure in progress of being erected. Using various technologies that are marked as the leading trend in innovation and security, Cyberbase Digital has built and launched their distinct customer a web presence that takes the end user around a virtual tour of the project, showcasing all sectors and amenities, as well as providing the right technical and literature information for individuals, but with a greater focus on attracting the attention and favour of business investors.