How We Work

The Mechanics of Us
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We work through a systematic method in order to bring about the best outcome to our customers. We partner with Customer team members in a syngeric method to keep them involved in the project from Initiation to Closure, and every step of the way.

In order to maintain clear communication, we assign our project management experts to follow up and demonstrate every phase outcome and procedures, at the same time document every event, and communicate feedbacks back and forth between the development team and the customers’ project and technical team members, in addition to top management engagement.

Our PMO members and project managers are all PMI® certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) with a track record of managing multiple co-located projects both onsite and remotely, ensuring effective, timely and on-budget end results.

Our Project Workflow Functions

Initiate the Project

Scope Drafting and Approval

Design & Conceptualization

Approval on Design


Functionality User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Knowledge Transfer

Official Closure & Sign off