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Our Services


Living by a Philosophy

We are about more than just buildings. Guided by a design philosophy that emphasizes respect for excellence, cooperative client relations, and enhancing the human environment, our team has contributed to shaping the physical expression of our local desert community in Jeddah. While we have the experience and the know-how to deliver top-notch projects to a variety of clients, merely meeting your functional needs is not enough to fulfill our mission. Instead, we pride ourselves on developing long-lasting, meaningful relationships with our clients.
How do we get there? By doing what we do best. We offer an unparalleled breadth of services that bring holistic solutions to even the most elusive design challenges.

01. Design & Engineering


Our expertise provides full architectural, interior, landscape design, and electromechanical design services from concept to construction.
Our integrated solutions and efficient design are added assurance that the development of our projects will fulfill the requirement, providing a productive and attractive space which will be able to provide a positive return and investment.

02. Construction Management


 Management of various types of construction projects is another professional service of TCAD where we use specialized project management techniques and software to oversee the planning, design, and construction of architectural, engineering, and construction projects, from its beginning to its end.

We provide comfortable and familiar handling of construction services for your properties and clients.

03. Fitting Out


TCAD provides comprehensive Commercial Fit-Out Services for the interior finishing or fit-out of your property. Our team helps design and coordinate services spanning a range of commercial renovation needs including standard and custom electrical installation, air conditioning, carpet installation, interior painting, furniture layout and setup, and more.

04. Maintenance


Our maintenance services encompass a wide range of tasks, from routine repairs to more extensive renovations. The goal of our maintenance services is to keep a property in good condition, both inside and out. This can help you prolong the life of your building, as well as improve its appearance and value. Building maintenance services are typically provided by our team of trained professionals, who are familiar with all aspects of building care.

05. Strategic Business


We deliver a full understanding of all factors that affect what customers want and determine their impact on strategies for different possible scenarios. This comprehensive approach allows a sustainable and innovative delivery of the project. The practice is based on efficient organizational structure through the use of technical and operational excellence resource. It is divided in three main areas: administrative, commercial, and technical.

Did You Know?

We live by values of integrity, truthfulness, and hard work. Those are the building blocks of our company’s vision, promising a relentless pursuit of professional excellence in every project we choose to undertake.

Tell Us About Your Project

We welcome every opportunity to be part of the next exciting project. Tell us about your project or requirement and we will be in touch to discuss it in detail.