Cyber CMS

The content Management Solution

CyberCMS is a powerful web content management tool that offers all the great features necessary to constitute a highly interactive, secure, and scalable web portal and mobile application. CyberCMS is built using powerful, next-generation programming languages, and built on a scalable platform to bring about flexibility, opportunities for continuous development and expansion, integration with multiple systems, while sustaining a professional and competitive structure for easy navigation and manageability. CyberCMS comes delivered tailored to the client, providing all the necessary components for the clients to showcase their corporate and individual profile to the online community.

Main Features

CyberCMS can be developed to provide great amounts of features and modules as needed to match with your online business needs, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Articles Management
  • Rating system with moderation capabilities
  • Polls and poll management
  • Hits Report Generation
  • User Management
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Content Approval Workflows
  • Banner Management
  • Multimedia Files management
  • Online catalog
  • Online Store and Purchasing
  • Integration with various payment gateways
  • Events Management

The fascinating component of CyberCMS is its flexibility, allowing the development of limitless modules as needed in the business requirements.


Built using the most powerful technologies and latest methodologies in object-oriented programming, CyberCMS is highly secure, preventing any hacking attempts from external sources of attack. With great dedication and attention to security, the technical development team has optimized the infrastructure and platform of CyberCMS, thereby covering all possible security gaps that the conventional hackers may attribute to their success in penetrating the platform.


Because of CyberCMS’ data-driven, dynamic nature, users are able to effectively and instantly perform content management in all forms through a secure content management panel, accessible to only eligible users with specific privileges through a certified login form. When accessed, CyberCMS will display an attractive and intuitive user interface where the user can manage content, add pages, sections, manage modules, and articles in an instant.


CyberCMS is built on a cross-platform basis, which means it can be set up on any Windows, Linux, Solaris Operating Systems, requiring a database management system and a proper web server application (IIS, TomCat, or Apache Web Server.


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