The Complete Online Travel Solution

CTRAV is an advanced, highly customizable multi-language new generation Internet Travel Solution.

Especially built for travel agents and holiday companies who are aiming at maximizing sales and customer choice through utilizing the power and spread of the internet, CTRAV boasts top-notch features and technologies that help those companies do just that.
CTRAV streamlines and automates sales of airline tickets, hotel rooms, cruises, cars, tours, excursions, insurance, and more. Business automation for travel companies is finally here with this robust solution.
Expose your travel agency or holiday company to the entire world by opening a global branch online.

We’ve chosen Sabre…

Used by consumers and companies worldwide, online travel agencies (OTAs) turn to Sabre to provide them access to a huge travel marketplace, the Sabre global distribution system. Providing OTAs access to 400 airlines, 175,000 hotel properties, 17 cruise lines, 40 car rental brands, 200 tour operators and 50 rail carriers.

Main CTRAV Features:

  • Flight booking engine
  • Hotel booking engine
  • Online cruise, tour, and car booking
  • Dynamic packaging (flights and Hotels)
  • Complete Holiday booking
  • Travel CRM system
  • Secure Online payment
  • Front Desk Graphic Interface
  • Back Office Management Panel
  • Customer profile management
  • Booking management
  • Travel Mobile Apps
  • XML API GDS Integration
  • Low Cost Carriers
  • Cross Marketing & Selling