The Dynamic Survey System

CSURV is a powerful data collection, examination, and storage system that is used for the purpose of gathering individuals’ data through personalized forms, and to initiate a well-managed, fully controlled workflow process for final approval and storage. Built with a flexible, yet powerful, infrastructure, CSURV can be customized and built to fit your field operations in data gathering.


The basic features of CSURV are:

  • Forms and form views that allow smooth entering of data and submitting new records for storage
  • A well-designed workflow engine that instantiates approval business processes to team leaders to examine and to take action on submitted records
  • Intuitive interface that facilitates adaptation and usage to all end user types, without the need for thorough training
  • User management with privileges setup
  • Interactive live Map that functions on the Google Earth API for instant and live location capture and pinpointing of the user, allowing automated area marking
  • Highly secure interfaces and login pages with integrated credentials verification
  • Compatible with all Android based and iOS based devices and smartphones
  • Cross-platform compatibility supporting Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Live-feeding dashboards for managers to measure surveyor performance and data collection progress in interactive bar charts and pie graphs.
  • Cross-functionality on different database management systems
  • Web based interface to facilitate management from any location