Industry: Foodstuffs – Consumer Goods

Established over 100 years ago – since 1907, Green’s is reckoned as one of the leading ready-mix desserts brand from the United Kingdom, enriched with authentic and original traditions that are well adhered to even today. This great history traces the evolution and growth of Green’s from its humble beginnings into successful and powerful brand in the global Ready-Mix desserts industry at present. As for the Middle East North Africa, it has been here for more than 40 years now – savouring and flavouring the market.

In order to achieve a localized reach towards the Arab World, Cyberbase Digital has instantiated the Greens Desserts brand digital footprint to reflect maximum and clear communication by designing and developing a bilingual web presence in order to induce recipes sharing, cookery ideas and an overall involvement of households, and hence expand the brand name to become a benchmarking brand in all local households.